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Development of Dementia Neurofeedback System Using EEG Brainwave Signals

Kok Swee Sim, Lim Zheng You, and Fawaz Sammani
Centre for e-Health, Multimedia University, Melaka, Malaysia
Abstract—Dementia is one of the diseases where the number of cases is increasing annually in Malaysia. Although dementia cannot be cured, but the disease progress can be slowed down with proper treatment and monitoring. However, it is difficult to track the disease progress periodically. This project proposes a dementia neurofeedback system by implementing electroencephalogram (EEG) method. The main objective of this project is to implement a neurofeedback system using EEG signal to collect and analyze the EEG signal to track the progress of the patient. This project serves two purposes. Firstly, acquire the EEG signal from the dementia patient. Secondly, implement signal processing method to retrieve useful information from the complicated EEG waveform in order to ease the analyzation for research purpose. In this project, the EEG signal is acquired by using the EEG headset namely Emotiv EPOC+. The EEG signal acquisition and recording is done by using neurofeedback software whereby the software is implemented by using Microsoft Visual C#. Lastly, the signal is processed by using the EEG analyzation software which is implemented by using MATLAB. The results show that this system is able to collect the EEG brainwaves data and aid in analyze the brain condition of the patient. The performance of the developed dementia neurofeedback system shows that the system is reliable and highly useful in medical research field. 

Index Terms—neurofeedback system, brainwaves, dementia, EEG

Cite: Kok Swee Sim, Lim Zheng You, and Fawaz Sammani, "Development of Dementia Neurofeedback System Using EEG Brainwave Signals," International Journal of Signal Processing Systems, Vol. 7, No. 4, pp. 113-117, December 2019. doi: 10.18178/ijsps.7.4.113-117

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