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Template Matching Approach for Face Recognition System

Sadhna Sharma
National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan
Abstract—Object detection or face recognition is one of the most interesting application in the image processing and it is a classical problem in computer vision, having application to surveillance, robotics, multimedia processing. Developing a generic object detection system is still an open problem, but there have been important successes over the past several years from visual pattern. Among the most influential system is the face recognition system. Face recognition has become a popular area of research in computer vision and one of the most successful applications of image analysis and understanding. Because of the nature of the problem, not only computer science researchers are interested in it, but neuroscientists and psychologists also. It is the general opinion that advances in computer vision research will provide useful insights to neuroscientists and psychologists into how human brain works, and vice versa. Face recognition system have wide range of application like Passport / ID card authentication; Immigration/Customs: illegal immigrant detection; Government Events: Criminal/Terrorists screening, Surveillance; Enterprise Security: Computer and physical access control etc. There are several processes have to done to recognize the face of different people. In this paper, introduce a perfect model for face recognition and compare with other’s output. Uses template matching approach for the best matching accuracy.

Index Terms—object detection, image processing, immigrant detection, computer science, Face recognition system

Cite: Sadhna Sharma, "Template Matching Approach for Face Recognition System," International Journal of Signal Processing Systems, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 284-289, December 2013. doi: 10.12720/ijsps.1.2.284-289
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